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Monday, April 04, 2005

Why immigration is getting tougher...

Migrants sold hope in phoney documents (NZ Herald)

Want a New Zealand diploma? Why not its only $12,000 for an authentic diploma with a transcript of record!
Want New Zealand permanent residency? Why not its only $50,000 to marry a Chinese immigrant and get your PR!
Want a New Zealand job offer for a work visa or permanent residency? Why not its only $10,000 for a job paying $30,000 a year!

Yes readers, unscrupolous Chinese in New Zealand are selling hope to desparate people wanting to migrate to New Zealand. You don't have to go to secret meetings or damp and dark alleys to get these. They are openly advertised in some Chinese publications here in New Zealand. Because of this practice undeserving applicants are clogging the migrant quotas every year.

What does this mean to genuine and eligible wannabe New Zealand immigrants? Government immigration policy will become stricter and screening for migrants will be tougher. More genuine and eligible applicants would be rejected when policy becomes tougher.

What does this mean to Asian immigrants already in New Zealand? They could be and unjustly typecasted or stereotyped as criminals and forgers. This controversy could encourage the demagogues from right-wing groups such as New Zealand National Front and New Zealand First.

This is not the first time this has happened, a man by the name of Peter William Hjorring, 56, of Glen Eden was recently carged with issuing New Zealand drivers licenses to Asians for $400 each. Applicants did not have to sit the theory and practical driving test.

As an Asian in New Zealand I am so mad to learn of this scam. Many Asians in New Zealand entered this country with the most honest intentions and genuine documents and these group of greedy thugs are destroying our image. Why couldn't these people contain their greed and criminality in their home countries?

Fortunately, no Filipino has been linked to any of the said scams according to the latest news reports.

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