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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"Be not afraid..." -John Paul II

BBC NEWS | Europe | Thousands file past Pope's body

Thinking and looking at TV and internet videos and photos of the late Pope brings me to the brink of tears. He was a tireless and relentless leader of the Catholic Church. To this day he is the only Pope I have ever known.

While he has living and until his death he set a high standard for what a person can be and that is to be of pure of heart, defender of what is just and right and be self-less. I must admit I have not come close tho his standards.

I feel a great sense of loss in John Paul II passing. It is like some one really close to you like a parent, sibling or close relative is lost forever.

He has left us a legacy that will be remembered and felt buy us all.

Pondering on the Pope's death also made me think of my mortality my eventual death. How would I like to be remembered when I die?

Songs in my playlist:
"There You'll Be" by Faith Hill
"Faith of the Heart" by Russell Watson
"Into the West" by Annie Lennox