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Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Warning for Filipinos Wanting to Migrating to New Zealand

There are reports circulating within the Filipino community that there is an immigration agency that victimise unsuspecting desperate Filipino would be migrants.

How they work:

  • The agent would seek Filipino clients wanting to migrate to New Zealand.
  • The client pays a hefty fee that would incur massive personal debt to the client and client's family.
  • The agent would arrange for tourist visas for the client to enter New Zealand.
  • The agent's associates in New Zealand will look for jobs for the clients and confiscate their passports. The agent does not give guarantees that clients will get jobs.
  • The agent would force the clients to buy cars inflated way beyond their market value (in some cases more than NZD 20,000) whether the client knows how to drive or not. The actual cars are entirely different from what is written on the receipt or deed of sale. The agent and an accomplice car dealer makes a huge profit from this forced sale. The client would have to shoulder the heavy weekly payments of the expensive car.
  • The agent would also force the clients to apply for various fees and licenses at inflated prices.
When the client/victim asks for their passport the criminal agent threatens the victim by saying that their relatives and family in the Philippines cannot migrate to New Zealand.

The truth is the agent has no power to say who can or cannot go to New Zealand, only the New Zealand Immigration Service. Only the Philippine Government has the power to issue, confiscate and cancel Philippine passports, no organisation or individual can do such things.

No one has the right to force you to buy things and possession of cars or anything does not increase your chances of becoming a successful migrant in any countryl.

Please if you or someone you know are being victimised by this criminal group call the authorities immediately!!!

Official and authentic information can be obtained from the New Zealand Immigration Service and New Zealand Embassies only.

More updates on this illegal activity to follow.