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Sunday, October 24, 2004

More On Saturday's Anti-Racism March

Scoop: A Backgrounder On Today's Anti-Racism March

from the report:

A Backgrounder On Today's Anti-Racism March
By Derek Cheng

When first-generation Chinese New Zealander Tze Ming Mok talked to a National Front member outside the Chinese Embassy in June, she was called a "peasant" and to return to her "third-world country". When she asked why he refused to look at her, he said the sight of her face was disgusting and ugly.

Images and video from the rallies:

Scoop Images: Multicultural Aotearoa In Wellington
Scoop Images: Fairies Against Fascism Vs National Front
Scoop Video: The Scary Fairies And The National Front

News articles relating to the rallies and parties involved:

Three arrests, police officer hurt after National Front march
Two groups poles apart to rally at Parliament
Hate speech laws could ban us, says National Front leader
Violence feared if rallies coincide
Skinheads chased off by anti-Nazi brigade
Group to march against facists
Front Critical Of Police

Press releases:
March Against Racism Forces Backdown
Alliance Supports Anti-Racism March

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