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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

too much friends and 150

I think I am not the only Friendster member who is wondering why some if not most of my friends in the social networking website have to have so much friends in the immediate network. I have friends who have 250 to 400 friends already. Try to ask them if they know most of these friends and they will answer that they've just added them with no apparent reason and without actually knowing them. Another said that they want to have the maximum possible friends at Friendster. As far as I know there is no reward for having the most friends at Friendster.

These people are destroying the purpose of Friendster. How can one be a first degree friend if you do not know anything or have not spoken to them?

In relation to this I've read in Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point that a group of 150 is probably "the best and most effficient way to manage a group of people." (2000) It is the optimum number of people in a group that will allow effective communication and rapport.

The author has cited W. L. Gore and Associates' (makers of Gore-tex fabric) success to its 150 rule. Most of its plants and offices only comprise of up to 150 people.