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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Electrocuted by electric bills

Our current electricity retailer since moving to this new house is Contact Energy Limited. This company also sells us natural gas for cooking and heating the lounge. Currently the company charges NZD 0.7275 (PHP 29.19) per day and NZD 0.1482 (PHP 5.93) per kilo watt hour for electricity. For gas the tariff is NZD 0.9170 (PHP 36.68) per day and NZD 0.0746 (PHP 2.98) per kilo watt hour.

Since checking options for electricity retailers provided by the Consumers' Institute of New Zealand I have discovered that I could save a lot of money if I switch. The savings may amount up to NZD 209 (PHP 8,360) every year.

The logical action after this discovery is to switch. Contact Energy has one less customer in the next few weeks.

NZ Herald: Contact profit up 22 per cent
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