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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Do you think a monster will see a monster when it looks at a mirror?

My god, that she-devil is driving me nuts!"

"I've warned you before the first time a saw that person that I don't quite like her."

"And now, and now when I give frank remarks she's hurt. Dammit, she has embarrassed me with many people in the past! She even riducules things that I buy from the department store! The nerve this woman has and she claims to be a good, caring and loyal friend! She frequently invites me to have lunch with her, which I usually attend and when I hear she having a party for her birthday did she even bother inviting me?"

"Mygod are those things true?!"

"She thinks that she is a victim of my inner evil"

"But of course, do you think a monster will see monster when it looks at a mirror?"

"She thinks she's pretty too, even my dog looks better!"

"I cannot imagine how you could have managed to be friends with that woman."

"I can't believe it myself but I was doing business with her family I can't do anything."

"Forget about her she is not happy anyway."