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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Father acquitted of killing her own disabled baby daughter

In 14 May this year a father from Nelson, New Zealand was arrested and admitted to police in full detail that he has killed his baby daughter whose brain stopped developing at the age of a 13-month-old foetus. On Thursday, 18 November the father was acquitted by a High Court jury of both murder and manslaughter.

This decision has stunned New Zealand from all walks of life.

In my opinion this sets a dangerous precedent for people killing relatives or other people because of their disabilities including their mental incapacities. Like what the Crown (state) prosecutor Glenn Marshal said, "Even a good or honourable motive is not an excuse for taking a life, the law is for everyone and it does not categorise who may or may not have the right to life.”

New Zealand Herald 21.11.04
Editorial: Decision on baby killing was wrong...

There is only one word to describe the plight of the Nelson couple who found their infant daughter had the brain of a 13-week-old foetus that would never develop further: harrowing. And there is only one word to describe the verdict in the case brought against her father for ending her life: wrong.

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