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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

who i dislike

I dislike people who blame the Roman Catholic Church for the problems of the world.

They do not know anything of what they really do. They complain that the Church is only concerned about grandiosity and grand structures.

Have we asked what ordinary Catholics want? If Catholics do not want grand buildings they would not go inside it in the first place. They would have switched to the INC (Church of Christ, local sect in the Philippines) or become agnostics.

A lot of people speak as if the Church is not doing anything good. Who helps lower caste Hindus from abuse in Gujarat? Who operates orphanages worldwide? Who helps the people in war torn Solomon Islands? Who helps the indigenous peoples all over the world? Who does these mentioned deeds all at the same time? To rephrase the question, are we even aware of the various conflicts and sufferings even in the most remote areas and are we even willing to help?

Next time when we ask what other people or organisations have done good and judge them ask ourselves first, have we done more than complaining and talk?

I'm no apologist for the Church but I think I am better informed of the real (NOT REEL) good they do.

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