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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Immigration solutions mooted

New Zealand First says encouraging international students to remain in New Zealand rather than educating New Zealanders will lead to disaster. Source: Immigration solutions mooted from

There are already many training and education opportunities available for people born and raised in New Zealand. There are tertiary schools that offer almost zero tuition fees, incentives to promote teacher education and campaigns for Tangata Whenua (Maori) to get tertiary education. I believe the student loans scheme is available for all young people who want to enter universities or polytechs.

The real question is whether or not New Zealanders will take advantage of these opportunities to contribute to New Zealand society and economy. Also, if New Zealanders will have more kids there world not be any need for further migration.

Why keep on blaming immigrants? Aren't today's European and Pacific Islander New Zealanders also children or decendants of immigrants?