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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Supermarket Addict

As posted on My Life at Large blog, my first...

You may have noticed that I have a lot of supermarket related stories here. I have a confession to make, I am a supermarket addict. No week will pass without going to the supermarket.

I love to see what's everything that they sell. All the different kinds of teas, cereals, jams, marmalades, sauces, detergent and the deli corner. A lot of time I like to buy things that are on special. When I buy things that are discounted I feel that I have saved money. Once I counted how many hours I spent there it was a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1:30 hours. I am definitely sick?!

When I am in a new country I want to go the supermarket immediately. It is a window to the country because you can see what they are eating or what their products are. When I'll visit North America I'll go to the largest Wal-Mart, in Britain the largest Tesco and Sainsbury's, in France the largest Carrefour.

Is there a Shopaholics Anonymous, the SA if ever I decide to seek treatment?
Me: Hi my name is XXXX and I am a shopaholic!
Members: Hi XXXX!

Or am I too cheap to be part of the SA? Probably the members are the signature apparel types not me the supermarket addict. Will I be discriminated by the CK girls, Armani matrons or the Gucci elite?

What if I write a review on all the products that I have tried? I can make money! I can review the latest toilet bowl cleaner, dishwasher powder, cake mixes or the latest cereal. Talk about profiting from your addiction. Now, if only the Herald has vacancies for my type.

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