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Monday, July 05, 2004

alternative spelling of Filipino

I am surprised on how much technology has been trying to change the Filipino language. Sending SMS or text messages on mobile phones, sending emails and internet chats has changed how Filipino is being written.

Here are the things I have seen in cyberspace:
xa, cya, sha for SIYA (he or she, there is only one personal pronoun in Filipino)
oi for HOY (hey, you)
kau for IKAW (you)
kau for KAYO (you plural, 'u' pronounced as you)

Is this good? For linguists, they may conclude that information technology will evolve language.

For me, this change in written Filipino is fine as long as it stays within the domain of SMS where one tries to send as much information in 160 characters and chat. Using Filipino in other areas such as media, sending formal letters and emails. People must try to be faithful to the language.

Filipino is a beautiful language. Let us not strip it of its allure with 'alternative' spellings.