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Monday, June 21, 2004

poor restaurant service

Who does not hate getting poor service at restaurants? It is not acceptable because we pay money to eat their food and part of it is the service.

This afternoon our group of six friends ate at a local Chinese restaurant. All of us ordered quarter chicken with fried rice and a litre of cola to share. After an hour of eating and talking we decided to "move on." We went to the cashier to pay. As a common practice here, we pay for our own meal and share the cost of the cola among us.

We went to the cashier and say that we share the cost of all the meals and the price of the cola. The cashier said that she cannot do that and it was hard to divide. Her mobile phone rang and began talking in Chinese. She even gave us, the customers the keep quiet sign while we wait for her to finish her phone call. Imagine, her call was more important than waiting customers. Going back to us she again said that she cannot do the transaction while she had a calculator on her table.

What we wanted was:
quarter chicken ($6.70) x 6 orders = $40.20
litre of cola ($4.00) x 1 order = $4.00
TOTAL = $44.20
Divided by 6, so each of us must pay = $7.366666 rounding it using the Swedish system (common practice here) will make it $7.35

The cashier did not understand what we wanted (useless to argue to those who can't understand) so we just paid $6.70 and one friend decided to pay for the cola as his treat (nice!).

I was so dissapointed, first the cashier can't do simple problem solving (it does not even involve calculus) and prioritised her phone call than finishing the sale. I pity her, she should have been properly trained by the owner of the restaurant.