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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Filipino Independence -- 106 years on

On 12 June 1898 Filipino resistance against Spanish occupation lead by Emilio Aguinaldo declared the nation's independence from the ruler miles away. It was not until 4 July 1945 until the Philippines gained full independence from all colonial rule.

Can I be proud to claim that the Filipino independence struggle is the first in Asia? Believe me there are many cynics who would mock me for saying this. These cynics favourite lines against this statement are, "our/your nation is independent but was left behind by "late bloomers" like Singapore;" and "was independence worth it while half of our/your people are poor."

I really do not care for these cynics I'd rather have the current status quo than be a territory, protectorate or dominion governed from afar.

Cynics are depressed, ignorant and hopeless fault finders.