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Saturday, November 20, 2004

the truth about New Zealand opportunities

I'm surprised about the number of questions raised by my friends and relatives about New Zealand. They are telling me that there are quite a number of seminars all over Metro Manila. These seminars are promising countless numbers of jobs throughout New Zealand. These job opportunities including nannies, domestic helpers, cleaners and gardeners.

They seemed to be convinced that New Zealand is the new promise land. They are so much convinced that they are planning to leave for New Zealand even without the proper documentation or with illegal means. A neighbour of a friend is reportedly planning to be an illegal immigrant in New Zealand while entering as a tourist.

The truth is nannies, domestic helpers and gardeners are very rare in New Zealand. There has been no culture of hired home help in this country unlike Singapore, Hong Kong or in the Middle East. Most jobs such as cleaners are already being filled up by foreign students and recent immigrants. The organisers of these seminars are blatantly lying and selling false hopes to Filipinos back home.

As for becoming illegal immigrants, employers all over New Zealand require documentation that one is legally entitled to work such as a work permit, permanent residency or a student visa with 15 hours of work permit. Employers too will ask for your Inland Revenue (income tax) number. Employers are discouraged to employ workers without a legal contract or appropriate visas because there are stiff penalties starting from NZD 15,000 plus criminal liabilities. If one will ever find an employer that will hire someone illegally you can expect that they will EXPLOIT them and pay a very low wage and very poor working conditions.

I am not discouraging Filipinos to visit or migrate to New Zealand with the proper visas and permits and with the most honest intentions. However, I am discouraging Filipinos who plan to move to New Zealand using illegal means. It will only make it harder for Filipinos to travel overseas.

Filipinos have a good reputation in New Zealand as law abiding people. Please if you are planning to do something illegal stop do not tarnish our reputation.

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