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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Despite Telecom's efforts Vodafone has more customers

Vodafone adds 74,000 in fourth quarter

In the latest subscriber numbers released by GSM operator Vodafone New Zealand. The Kiwi arm of Vodafone plc has gained 74,000 more subscribers. (Seventy nine percent of Vodafone subscribers are prepay.)

This is a surprise despite CDMA operator Telecom New Zealand's efforts to get more subscribers from Vodafone. Last year, the 027 network offered NZD 10.00 unlimited national and international person to person texting. A few months later the offer was modified to 500 national person to person texting for NZD 10.00 guaranteed until the end of next year.

As for me I will be sticking with Vodafone as it is the only network that lets me send text messages to family and friends in the Philippines and around the world. CDMA phones are also useless in countries where GSM networks only exist.