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Saturday, December 11, 2004


Two days ago I receive the Clear Horizon - The Best of Basia CD which I bought from eBay. It was cheap, only USD 9.00 and delivered to my New Zealand address. [I would not be compelled to buy from eBay if there were Basia CDs on music stores here or at least the public library.] Although the CD is used it still looks new and almost no scratches.

Since the CD arrived I've been listening to it since it arrived. I'm still listening to it right now.

I've known Basia Trzetrzelewska since I was young since my father always listen to City Lite 88.3 (a jazz FM radio station now off the air in the Philippines). I think he even owned two albums of her. Since then I have liked her songs and voice. It was not until last month when my interest in her music had a revival.

Basia is a Polish jazz singer. She was the vocalist of the British jazz group "Matt Bianco." Since the late 1980s she started a solo career with the help of Danny White.

She's been gone from the musical limelight since I think the later half of the 90s. Yesterday I saw her on a video about Matt Bianco. I believe the group is back again and planning some tours in 2005. (Source: Matt Bianco News)

BASIA lyrics