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Friday, September 17, 2004

too busy

A long time ago I have wished that my life could be busy so that I do not feel mundane.

Now, I regret that wish. In the last few weeks until the end of October I am very busy.

I have two projects that I have two do with completely different teams. The first project is based in New Zealand, my team members are here and we meet face to face. We need to submit a report and a sort of marketing proposal. The best marketing proposal is chosen by the "client."

The second project is not only in New Zealand. About sixty percent of the team is overseas. I have only heard from one overseas team member. I just wish the overseas team members start to answer my emails so that we can start with the proposal which we are tasked.

The second project is the most challenging of all as I have to consider the time differences of the other members.

Besides these two projects I also have work. I work on a per job/task basis unfortunately two jobs are within my schedule for the two projects.